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Connecting with Multiple Contractors

Simply post a project in one of our many categories, our platform recommends additional professionals that may be required to complete that job. This enables consumers to connect with designers, engineers, builders, electricians, plumbers, anyone they need, all from a single post.

Verified Professionals

Every professional account is required to indicate if they have a City Business License, if they are Bonded and if they are part of the Better Business Bureau. Clicking on these links will then take you to the relevant websites to easily confirm this information.

Built-In Rating Systems

Professionals can only obtain ratings and reviews if they actually complete a job through our platform. This closed system creates credible ratings, based off of actual completed jobs.

Project Specific FAQ

Our FAQ’s are related to your specific project and are based on rules in your municipality. From identifying municipal land-use or zoning bylaws, requirements for applying for and obtaining permits to even basic building codes, everything is linked to the category you are looking at.

Professional Always Get Notified

This is the best way to advertise your company. By subscribing with us, you indicate any categories that you want to be connected to, when a new job is posted, you get an email. You no longer need to be seen to be contacted, we make it happen instantly.

Secure Payments

Pay for all of your construction and design services online with your credit card. Pro-jekts has incorporated Paypal into our website, using this service you can securely transfer funds for progress payments, deposits, or final payments.

Our Categories

Explore Pro-jekts services to connect with professionals that can help with you next project

City Permitting & Planning
Skilled Trades
Residential Construction
Commercial & Multi-Family Construction
Work Done Without Permits
Remediation & Repair Services
Miscellaneous Services

City Permitting & Planning

Welcome to the City Permitting category. This is where you can connect with professionals that can assist with a variety of applications other then Building Permits.


Welcome to the Design Services category. This is where you can connect with professionals to help you from the preliminary design concept to complete working drawings required to apply for your permit.

Skilled Trades

Welcome to the Skilled Trades category. This section is where you can connect with individual professioanls. For a special project you are working on or for simply when life happens and you need something fixed A.S.A.P. You are a post away from connecting with multiple profesisoanls in the category you need.

Residential Construction

Welcome to the Residential Construction category. This section is where you can connect with professionals to help you with any type of project relating to your residential property!

Commercial & Multi-Family Construction

Welcome to the Commercial Construction category. This section is where you can connect with professionals to help you with any type of project relating to your commercial property!

Work Done Without Permits

Welcome to the Work Done Without Permits category. This category is to help you deal with a big problem that arises whenever work is done without permits. It can be difficult to deal with these issues, until now. Post in this category to connect with professioanls that can pull the right permits to get these projects inspected.

Remediation & Repair Services

Welcome to the Repair & Remediation Services category. This section is here to help when life happens. Categories in this section are to help you connect with professionals that deal with a variety of issues from removing asbestos to repairing a building after a fire.

Miscellaneous Services

Welcome to the Miscellaneous Services category. This section is here to help with...everything else!

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